Welcome to Tranquil Tea where tea becomes an experience...We are proud to be an Australian owned company in Ipswich, Queensland and excited to bring single origin Ceylon Tea -well known for over a century for its taste, aroma, colour and clarity, to your doorstep. At Tranquil tea we present unique black, green and herbal teas with varying flavours as well as infused teas to excite your taste buds. We are not only presenting tea leaves but an experience around a cup of tea

We personally source teas from our family tea gardens with care to ensure that not only the best quality natural, ozone friendly tea arrives at your doorstep, but also to see that they are grown and processed by people who are treated with dignity. These teas are harvested and processed using sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. Our tea growers pay above minimum wages and look after their employees' education and housing .

I grew up close to tea estates and drank tea since I was 4 years old. Thus it is a taste I knew for many years. After traveling in over 40 countries I always believe that tea is a universal time tested drink and it can bring communities together through its flavours and rituals. Tea is not just a drink. It is an experience.

Our vision is to create these connections through our exotic tea. We love to train and employ next generation tea drinkers in Australia to serve a good cup of tea and share the values that emanate with tea... An honest smile, genuine interest in one another's stories and love for varying flavours of life.

Our promise to you is we will deliver your favourite tea to your door step.......

We will endeavour to listen to your needs and serve best quality Ceylon tea......

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