About us

We are an Australian owned family business introducing traditional tea flavours and new blends. I grew up in Sri Lanka in my younger days and have a close connection with tea and its nuances. It was and is the first drink of the day and the last one before I wind up for the day.

After traveling in over 50 countries globally I realise that ‘Ceylon Tea’ still produces top of the range natural flavours due to elevation and climatic conditions natural to this tropical country . I personally have visited the estates and sourced our teas based on quality of the tea leaves, adherence to sustainable farming and manufacturing practices and their contribution to maintaining carbon neutral manufacturing facilities. These teas comefrom a single estate owned by a family business. They have been exporting teas for over 10 years and have established their name for creating high quality tea. These manufacturers are also ISO certified for following high standards on their processes.

I always believe that tea can bring communities together. My vision is to create these connections through my exotic tea. I love to train and employ next generation tea drinkers in Australia to serve a good cup of tea and share the values that emanate with tea… An honest smile, genuine interest in one another’s stories and love for varying flavours of life.


My promise to you is I will deliver your favourite tea to your door step…….

I will endeavour to listen to your needs and serve best quality Ceylon tea……