I recently went for a meal with my wife and while we waited for the meal we were served drinks. She had coffee that came in a nice glass, was made for her and even had a nice design on top. I wanted a pot of tea but what I got was a pot of hot water with a teabag still in it's wrapper on the saucer with my cup. I called the waitress over and asked if I could have a brewed pot of tea please. She insisted that I had a pot of tea even when I lifted the lid to reveal hot water. Her reason was that I could control the strength of the tea. I said yes I could, but I would lose the quality that brewing gives. She looked at me like as if I was speaking another language and was unsure what to say when she brought our food out.


Am I being picky?


Is speed and ease replacing quality?


Are tea drinkers second class citizens to coffee drinkers?


What do you think?