My first experience of tea was watching my Dad showing my older sister the art of making a good cup of tea. He was very precise and the order had to be right. Perfection was in the detail. Then he agreed to let me taste the tea. I was hooked but I didn’t like milk in it so my Dad allowed me to try it “black”. I knew right then that I was going to be drinking tea for the rest of my life. Added to this was the fact that I was a kid but when I drank tea with the adults I was part of the group. Even now I have found this to be my favourite way to socialise. Come to the present day and I have a tea especially for the morning, another for the evening, another for when I want to relax and another for when I want my tastebuds to explode. How about you? Do you get excited by that first tea in the morning or just to sit, put your feet up and do nothing until the cup is empty? Welcome to Me and Tea.- Steve