Travelling is a balm for the soul, the mind and the body but only if you take care of yourself while following your wanderlust, because at times things can be less than comfortable. There are many grand odysseys, particularly those that veer off the beaten track, that result in a few dents and scrapes, germs and viruses, not to mention stresses or worse. Of course, the first thing you do for your health before you set off is to consult your travel doctor for a vaccination program and some advice. The following tips might help you stay happy and healthy in mind, body and soul while you’re travelling whether backpacking or even on a cruise or guided tour.Read More
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Am I being Picky?

4 Oct 2018 10:36:54 am

I recently went for a meal with my wife and while we waited for the meal we were served drinks. She had coffee that came in a nice glass, was made for her and even had a nice design on top. I wanted a pot of tea but what I got was a pot of hot water with a teabag still in it's wrapper on the saucer with my cup. I called the waitress over and asked if I could have a brewed pot of tea please. She insisted that I had a pot of tea even when I lifted the lid to reveal hot water. Her reason was that I could control the strength of the tea. I said yes I could, but I would lose the quality that brewing gives. She looked at me like as if I was speaking another language and was unsure what to say when she brought our food out.


Am I being picky?


Is speed and ease replacing quality?


Are tea drinkers second class citizens to coffee drinkers?


What do you think?

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Summer is coming - time for Iced Tea

28 Sep 2018 10:54:46 am

Summer is coming. Here in Australia the days are getting longer and hotter and it is time to start thinking about cooling drinks. Here at Tranquil Tea the solution is all your favourite tea flavours brewed, cooled and served with Ice and sugar syrup. This is the traditional Iced Tea solution. You can have modern day substitutes but why put your favourite hot tea drinks away when you can continue to drink them and be cooled at the same time. If you don't have sugar syrup just add your sugar to taste before cooling the tea and then stir and add to the ice when it gas cooled. You can also add honey instead of sugar. You can add dried fruit peel and other flavours to your tea at the brewing stage. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination and willingness to try new things. At the core of all this are the tea flavours that you come to love with new twists and the all important cooling effect. Pleasant experimenting. Let us know what works for you so we can pass them on to others.
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Healthy tea - an excuse to drink more

18 Sep 2018 3:50:48 pm

Tea has been around for thousands of years and yet in this day of every health fad, tea has so much going for it.


Free radicals is something that is talked about a lot these days. They come from pollution, man made chemicals and other things that are not compatible with the human body. Free radicals steal electrons from stable molecules making them unstable. Because the body is made up of stable molecules the introduction of free radicals can make the body itself unstable at a molecular level.

Enter anti oxidants that stabilise the free radicals and protect the body. This is very much a simplified explanation but you get the idea.

Free radicals = bad.                              

Anti oxidants = good.              


So - any foods or drink that are high in anti oxidants are good for us. These can come in the shape of polyphenols which act as anti oxidants when eaten or drunk. Tea has a high concentration of polyphenols and therefore is very good in the battle against free radicals. While we are drinking for the pleasure of it we can have confidence that the long term health of our body is cared for at the same time. Of course the high the quality of the tea the higher the concentration of polyphenols and thus the healthier it is. This is just one more reason why we are passionate about the quality of our tea after all if you are going to do something do it well.

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Tranquil Tea Training

13 Sep 2018 10:03:59 pm

Proper tea brewing technique- 3-5 minutes in a warm pot with 2 Tsp of loose tea in a 2 cup tea pot. Lovely to train this business manager from Rustic Vintage Charm in Ipswich. One of the 2 tea houses to stop by if you like a good cup of tea with properly brewed tea leaves. Did you know that she wants to brew the tea in the kitchen for 5 minutes before she takes it to the customer. This is unlike many restaurants that serve the teabag in a pot with hot water for the customer to brew the tea on their own Did you know that she wants to brew the tea in the kitchen for 5 minutes before she takes it to the customer. This is unlike many restaurants that serve the teabag in a pot with hot water for the customer to brew the tea on their own

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Tea and Me

8 Sep 2018 8:23:33 pm

My first experience of tea was watching my Dad showing my older sister the art of making a good cup of tea. He was very precise and the order had to be right. Perfection was in the detail. Then he agreed to let me taste the tea. I was hooked but I didn’t like milk in it so my Dad allowed me to try it “black”. I knew right then that I was going to be drinking tea for the rest of my life. Added to this was the fact that I was a kid but when I drank tea with the adults I was part of the group. Even now I have found this to be my favourite way to socialise. Come to the present day and I have a tea especially for the morning, another for the evening, another for when I want to relax and another for when I want my tastebuds to explode. How about you? Do you get excited by that first tea in the morning or just to sit, put your feet up and do nothing until the cup is empty? Welcome to Me and Tea.- SteveRead More

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Welcome to Tranquil Tea Shop

4 Sep 2018 12:23:13 pm

Sense of achievement prevails around me. Tranquil Tea shop is open to the whole world. Anyone can walk into this virtual shop and feel the love and peace surrounding my products. Through this shop I hope you will enjoy the tea journey and experiences I am going to share with you. 'Ceylon Tea' is just not a black tea that I drink during the day. It has been my first drink (other than milk and water) during small days (from 5 years) when my mum mixed lot of milk in tea and gave it as a nutritional drink and then with time I enjoyed it with my family as a first drink in the morning for many years to come.... I have stories and memories that come to my mind every time I lift the cup of tea to have my first sip early in the morning.... I see certain values that emanate with my cup of I always say 'To brew a cup of tea it takes three to five minutes and that is the time where everyone stops, talks, listens and exchange ideas' Hope these Ceylon teas will help you do just that... Tea journey with Tranquil Tea begins today and hope your shopping experience is a pleasant one Dona Perera FounderRead More
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The tea we produce is brought to you with love. Our love for the environment, our people and our tea garden ensures that the single-origin hand-plucked tea that is packed in this container is simply the best in the world. Take a sip, enjoy and step in to a journey which would lead you to our tea garden that is picturesquely placed in the south of emerald isle Sri Lanka. Renowned for its beaches and fortified city, you have now arrived in Galle where our carbon-neutral certified manufacturing facility is nestled amongst the greenery of our very own tea garden. And if you are a connoisseur of tea, you are sure to relish the diverse range of colours, leaf sizes, aromas, appearances and tastes that our many grades of tea bring to you.

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